Current Accreditation Status for KGI's School of Pharmacy (SoP)

Keck Graduate Institute's School of Pharmacy program has been granted Precandidate status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. For an explanation of the ACPE accreditation process, consult the Office of the Dean or the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, 135 South LaSalle Street, Suite 4100, Chicago, Illinois 60603, 312-664-3575; FAX 312-664-4652; website

Overview of ACPE Accreditation

The ACPE accredits Doctor of Pharmacy programs offered by Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy in the United States and selected non-US sites. For a Doctor of Pharmacy program offered by a new College or School of Pharmacy, ACPE accreditation involves three steps: Precandidate accreditation status, Candidate accreditation status, and Full accreditation status.

Precandidate accreditation status denotes a developmental program that is expected to mature in accord with stated plans and within a defined time period. Precandidate accreditation status is awarded to a new program of a College or School of Pharmacy that has not yet enrolled students in the professional program and authorizes the college or school to admit its first class.

Candidate accreditation status is awarded to a Doctor of Pharmacy program that is currently recognized by ACPE with Precandidate status and has students enrolled but has not yet had a graduating class.

Full accreditation status is awarded to a program that has met all ACPE standards for accreditation and has graduated its first class. Graduates of a class designated as having Candidate accreditation status have the same rights and privileges of those graduates from a fully accredited program, generally including eligibility for licensure. ACPE conveys its decisions to the various boards of pharmacy and makes recommendations in accord with its decisions. It should be noted, however, that decisions concerning eligibility for licensure by examination or reciprocity reside with the respective state boards of pharmacy in accordance with their state statutes and administrative rules.

Precandidate Status

Granting of Precandidate accreditation status brings no rights or privileges of accreditation as associated with either candidate status or fully accredited status. Precandidate accreditation status indicates only that planning has taken into account ACPE standards and guidelines and suggests reasonable assurance of moving to the next step, that of Candidate accreditation status. Since Precandidate accreditation status does not create any rights of accreditation under the ACPE standards, it is the opinion of ACPE that graduates of programs of Colleges or Schools of Pharmacy that bear Precandidate accreditation status do not meet the educational requirements for licensure.

For further explanation of the ACPE accreditation process, consult the Office of the Dean or the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, 135 South LaSalle Street, Suite 4100, Chicago, Illinois 60603, 312-664-3575; FAX 312-664-4652; website

KGI has been approved for a structural change by the Western Association for Schools and Colleges to administer the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.




December 2013

ACPE Precandidate document resubmitted. WASC accreditation granted.


January 2014 ACPE On-site evaluation granted for Spring 2014 Completed
July 2014 ACPE On-site evaluation Precandidate status granted Completed
Summer 2014

Second year faculty hired/on campus (7)

August 2014

Matriculation of Inaugural Class First White Coat Ceremony

Spring 2015

Site visit for Candidate Status Completed
August 2015

Matriculation of Second Class


Fall 2015

Third year faculty hired/on campus (7)  


June 2016

Begin Strategic planning process  


August 2016

Matriculation of Third Class


Fall 2016

Fourth year faculty hired/on campus (7)  


June 2017

Strategic Plan Developed


August 2017

Matriculation of Fourth Class  


Spring 2018 Site visit for Full Accreditation
May 2018

Graduation of First Class



Complaints about Accreditation Standards regarding the KGI SoP

A student who has a concern regarding an ACPE accreditation standard in regards to the KGI SoP may make a formal complaint.  The ACPE recommends that the student submit the complaint to the SoP Dean for review and determination by the SoP administration.  The decision will be transmitted to the student in writing.  If the student thinks that he/she did not receive due process, then the student may contact the ACPE.  In addition, if the student perceives a serious problem with a standard, then he/she may bypass SoP Dean and contact the ACPE directly at:

Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
135 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 4100
Chicago, Illinois 60603-4810
Phone: 312-664-3575
Fax: 312-664-4652

Additional information about the complaints process may be found at: